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Recent years have seen much progression in learning about the biology of lung cancer cells and the mechanisms that control their growth and spread. This has led to define biomarkers and oncogenic drivers, to develop new screening systems such as liquid biopsy and improving patients outcome with targeted strategies and immunotherapies.

The Resource Center “Milestones in NSCLC” is dedicated to providing you with groundbreaking discoveries in diagnosis and management of NSCLC. Our aim is to supply health care professionals with clinically relevant information to enhance knowledge about lung cancer and help meet the challenges faced in today’s medical practice.

We will offer you selected articles from peer-reviewed journals, expert commentaries, patient case reports, interviews, and webcasts. This freely available resource center, hosted by the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, will function as a hub of information for healthcare professionalsand all content is subject to an independent editorial review.

New content will be posted monthly, and the Editors encourage you to visit “Milestones in NSCLC” regularly to stay up to date with recent scientific developments in lung cancer. Please subscribe to our e-Alert to ensure you are informed of all new content as it is published on this platform.

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Perspectives in Lung Cancer 2017

How I optimize treatment for my NSCLC patients with advanced and aggressive disease

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ECCO 2017

Debating the optimal management in advanced and metastatic lung cancer: The right treatment for the right patient at the right time

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